Guangzhou New Power Catering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company specializing
in the development, production and sales of catering equipment products. We have a high-quality
research and technical team. With 11 years of European brand OEM experience, the products are
sold all over the world, such as: Europe, USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Spain, Malaysia,
Southeast Asia and South Korea.
        We insist on producing high quality products and constantly developing new products. Our
products have reached more than 2,000 styles, the main products: waffle machine, donut machine,
churros machine, tartlets machine, taiyaki machine, pizza oven, sandwich machine. Crepe maker,
chimney cake oven, dough mixer. Ice cream machine, poffertjes grill, chocolate fountain machine.
Chocolate melter and more.
        Here you will get the products you want. And high quality products make it easy for you to make a profit.


Web:    http://www.gznewpower.com
Mail:    sales@gznewpower.com
Address:   Building A, BeiCun Jiu Long Cheng Industry Zone, Taihe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.
Foreign trade team:
Jamison Jamison@gznewpower.com       Tel: 0086 13790015882                                           whatsapp:008613790015882                                  


Rebecca:  rebecca@gznewpower.com      Tel:0086 15817178744              

                   WhatsApp:0086 15817178744   



Cara:         cara@gznewpower.com     Tel: 0086  13694264283                                 


Laura:   Laura@gznewpower.com    Tel: 0086 15914226811           
                 WhatsApp:0086 15914226811


F iona:       fiona@gznewpower.com   Tel: 0086 15107649707               
                  WhatsApp:0086 15107649707     
 China sales team:
范小姐:shiun@gznewpower.com      QQ: 2811134121          Tel:  15626207289
黄小姐:   2738874978@qq.com            QQ: 2738874978         Tel:  15626499887  
潘先生: 1571328020@qq.com           QQ: 1571328020         Tel:14715921125
邓先生: 3475906897@qq.com           QQ: 3475906897         Tel:13148663340
李小姐: 2402095062@qq.com           QQ: 2402095062         Tel:   15107649707


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